Pitt BS + MS Program

BS + MS Program

The BS + MS Program at Pitt is a challenging 5-year program that can help students to accelerate their careers in computer science. This guide will provide an overview of the program, including the necessary steps to complete the program. You can learn more about the program here.

Requirements for Admission

  • 96 credits of undergraduate coursework, with 37 credits of CS coursework
  • 11-12 credits in Math/Stat
  • 22 credits of specific CS courses and 18 credits of specific Math/Stat courses (specified below)
  • All general education requirements
  • Maintaining a GPA (grade point achievement) of 3.3 overall and in computer science
  • Complete either CS1510 or CS1511 (can be counted for both BS and MS credits)

How to Apply

  • Talk with senior SCI official/professor and acquire checklist sheet
  • Ensure you meet the checklist requirements
  • Fill out application at ApplyYourself
  • Make sure to acquire to two recommendations for this application

Degree Coursework

  • Four courses from specialized areas

    • Architecture and Compilers (CS 2410 or CS 2210)
    • Operating Systems and Networks (CS 2510 or CS 2520)
    • AI and Database Systems (CS 2710 or CS 2550)
    • Theory and Algorithms (CS 1511, CS 1510, or CS 2150)
    • CS 2001 and CS 2002 don't count towards MS degree
  • Four or five additional graduate level courses

    • Depends on project or thesis option
    • Can not include CS 2990, CS 3000, CS 2900, CS 2910, or CS 3900
    • Can also include one 1600-level or 2000-level equivalent to a 1600 level course

Project Option

  • One additional graduate-level course
  • MS project (CS 2910) with the pass fail grading basis
  • Project report and performance in presentation given to advisor

Thesis Option

  • MS-level research resulting in a written thesis
  • At least six credits of CS 2000 on a pass fail basis
  • Selection with help of advisor, of a thesis committee

    • Has three faculty members
    • Two members must be from CS with one being your advisor (one from outside CS or University)
  • Final presentation conducted by the committee

Specific Courses Necessary (Undergrad)

  • Core CS Courses: CS 0401, CS 0441, CS 0445, CS 0447, CS 0449
  • Upper-Level CS Courses: CS 1501, CS 1502, CS 1550
  • Upper-Level Elective Courses: Five additional 1000-level courses
  • Math/Stat Courses: MATH 0220, MATH 0230, and either STAT 1000, STAT 1100, STAT 1151

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Last updated: Jul 28th 2023