Cross Registration Guide

One of the best perks of going to a Pittsburgh university is that you get to take courses at other local universities for no extra price! The process is actually quite simple:

  1. Fill out this form
  2. Go to the relevant Pitt and host university office's to get your signatures.

    • This part is the hardest.
  3. Turn it into SCI's advising office (Only for SCI students, if you're not apart of SCI go to your respective school's advising office)
  4. Your advisors will take it from there and you should expect to hear back in a week or two!

General Advice and Tips!

  • You can only take classes that aren't already offered at Pitt
  • Get the form in ASAP. Courses at other universities fill up quick too!
  • Ask your advisor about how to get a Dean signature. For SCI, an administrator signed on the Dean's behalf.
  • Call your host university's registrar office to see if you have to visit in person or can just scan the document.
  • If Pitt has off but your host class doesn't, you still have to go to your host class!
  • Just because Pitt's semester isn't over doesn't mean your host university's semester is. Unless you want to fail the course, you have to continue taking it and show up to class.
  • If you're taking a CMU course we highly recommend you argue for it to be taken as a upper elective. CMU courses can be substantially more work than a Pitt course.
  • Make sure you are able to relatively easily commute from Pitt to your university.

Interesting CMU CS Courses

There are a lot, but here are a few! (some of the following only offered intermittently)

  • Functional Programming (SCS 15-150)
  • Introduction to Computer Music (SCS 15-322)
  • Bug Catching: Automated Program Verification and Testing (SCS 15-414)
  • Distributed Systems (SCS 15-440)
  • Computational Discrete Mathematics (SCS 15-354)
  • Competition Programming (SCS 15-295)
  • Blockchain Theory (SCS 15-439)
  • Search Engines (SCS 11-442)
Last updated: Jul 28th 2023