List of Freshman/Sophomore Job Opportunities

Head's up, this has not been updated in a while!

Use your underclassman status to your advantage with this list of Freshman and Sophomore specific opportunities. Don't forget to apply to other opportunities as well!

These are not the only places that will hire underclassmen, so make sure to keep your options open!

Internships / Fellowships

Opportunity Description
Google STEP Google's STEP internship — for first and second-year undergraduate students with a passion for computer science
Facebook University Facebook University is a hands-on, immersive internship program that enables students from underrepresented communities.
Explore Microsoft How cool would it be if you got to explore different roles in software development within your first two years of college?
UberSTAR As a software engineer intern/co-op, you’ll have a direct impact on the customer experience for riders, drivers, eaters, restaurant and business owners and cities alike.
Palantir Path Palantir Path is an internship program for students looking to accelerate their personal and technical growth in preparation for a successful, impactful career in tech.
Dropbox Launch As a Dropbox Launch intern, there are many different types of roles and teams that you can have an impact on. However, all Launch interns will take part in Project, Learning & Development, Mentorship, Community. Opens late August.
Two Sigma Freshman Internship Our interns come from all degree levels and a wide range of backgrounds. They are united by an intellectual curiosity, passion for math, science and technology, and desire to do impactful work.
Code 2040 This nine-week fellowship is an intensive summer program created for Black and Latinx college-level computer science students from around the country.
Twitter Academy Twitter Academy is a paid 12-week summer internship program designed for historically underrepresented second-year computer science students (Black, Hispanic/Latinx and/or Indigenous People) interested in gaining hands-on and real-life experience in the tech industry.
Bank of America Freshman Analyst Global Technology & Operations (GT&O) provides end-to-end technology and fulfillment to individual consumers, small businesses, middle-market businesses and large corporations. Apply by Novermber 1st
AT&T Emerging Technologies You'll get a head start with a company that's known for innovation.
SAP STAR It is a paid, multi-year, rotational training program designed to help university students jumpstart their career and dive into real-world project work.

Exploratory / Insight Events

Opportunity Description
Jane Street (SEE) Over the course of four days, a select group of first-year and second-year students will meet Jane Street employees and learn how math and computer science have a real-world impact on the work we do.
Additional Jane Street Opps Check Jane Street's Facebook page for more opportunities
Citadel Discover Discover Citadel and Citadel Securities is a two-day event that will allow you to Discover Citadel, a leading investor in the world’s financial markets, and Citadel Securities, a leading global market maker – and explore Chicago or London!
DE Shaw Fellowships The fellowships include an introduction to our firm, insights into our rigorous approach to finance, and several professional and social networking opportunities.
SIG Sophomore Discovery join us at SIG to learn more about what a day in the life looks like across our buy side research, sell side research and ETF sales & trading teams.
Goldman Sachs The program is open to all majors and provides to students an introduction to the financial world through hands on experience, key insights into the Goldman Sachs culture, and networking opportunities with professionals at the firm.
Capital One Summit During this one-week program, a small, exceptional group of freshmen and sophomores will be immersed in our startup-minded and innovative culture while exploring and developing the technology and problem-solving skills valued by today’s top employers.
McKinsey FYLA is an exclusive two-day workshop during which attendees explore the potential of a career in consulting and refine their problem-solving and leadership skills.
Two Sigma New Seekers Summit Interested in learning how to apply your passion for math, science, technology, and desire to do impactful work?
JP Morgan Sophomore Edge Sophomore Edge is a program that seeks to provide training experiences for historically underrepresented segments in the field of financial services.
Vanguard EXPLORE Days Get an early look at our culture and network with peers and professionals during our EXPLORE Day.
Uber APM Summit Uber APM summit
Morgan Stanley Early Insights Our full-day program provides an opportunity to explore the financial services industry, the firm's businesses and culture.
Bloomberg Freshman Insights Day is a full day of professional development workshops and networking sessions designed for first year undergraduate university students of all disciplines and majors interested in finance and technology.
Belvedere Externship Belvedere Trading’s externship program is a great way for underclassmen students to learn more about the proprietary trading and technology industry, while gaining a valuable understanding of where their career interests lie.
Last updated: Jul 6th 2021