CMP 401

INTERMEDIATE PROGRAMMING (replaced CS 0401, effective Fall 2020)

Course DescriptionThis course is a rigorous introduction to the fundamental concepts and techniques of computer programming using the java programming language. This is a first course for students who intend to major in computer science.

Heads up, this course recently replaced CS0401 !

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Term Spring 2019Professor Thumrongsak Kosiyatrakul Difficulty 2/5Quality 4/5

To be honest I didn't pay a lot of attention in this class because I had just taken CS0007 and there is a lot of overlap in the first part of the class. Tan is a great professor though and if your going to take 401 with anyone take it with him. He's good at explaining stuff and he gives you projects that help you learn a lot.

Term Fall 2018Professor John Ramirez Difficulty 2/5Quality 4/5

John Ramirez is a very good professor and does a great job teaching CS401. If you've had programming experience before then this class will not be too difficult, however if you haven't it will be more challenging. The projects are fun and and tests are fair.

Term Fall 2017Professor John C. Ramirez Difficulty 3/5Quality 4/5

This is a fantastic introductory course that really begins to dive into the middle of programming. In this course, you will learn about the basic concepts of object-oriented programming through Java, including classes, polymorphism, and generics.

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