CS 447


CO-REQ: CS 445
Course DescriptionThe purpose of this course is to study the components of computing systems common to most computer architectures. In particular, this class is meant to introduce data representation, types of processors, memory types and hierarchy, and device drivers. The students will learn MIPS assembly language, the design of arithmetic and logic units, and basic designs for RISC processors.
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Term Spring 2020Professor Jarrett Billingsley Difficulty 2/5Quality 4/5

Jarrett is a really great professor and made the class super enjoyable

Term Spring 2019Professor Vinicius Petrucci Difficulty 4/5Quality 2/5

Petrucci was really under-prepared to teach this class. He was super hard to understand and was extremely quiet. As a result, the project and tests were extremely difficult. His intentions are good but he needs to become a better teacher first before I can recommend him to anyone.

Term Spring 2019Professor Vinicius Petrucci Difficulty 5/5Quality 1/5

I took CS447 with Petrucci during his first semester at Pitt. There was a travel ban in the US at the time and he came from a school in Brazil so he wasn't even able to start teaching until the 4th week of class. When he did start teaching he was very hard to understand, was clearly unfamiliar with his own slides, and gave out the most ridiculously-hard final project I've ever seen. Sitting through class and listening to him ramble inaudibly for 75 minutes at a time was probably the hardest thing I've ever done. I think he's improved a little bit since then, but if you actually want to have an enjoyable semester take Billingsly instead.

Term Fall 2019Professor Thumrongsak Kosiyatrakul Difficulty 3/5Quality 4/5

I thought this class was really good. Tan's a great prof. and we had a lot of good projects. this class is definitely not a joke though. Actually COMMENT your assembly projects or you're going to be super lost.

Term Spring 2018Professor Jarrett Billingsley Difficulty 4/5Quality 2/5

I personally was not a fan of this course, since it deals with low-level code. If you enjoy learning about the closest computer science comes to computer engineering, then you will definitely enjoy this course. Through assembly coding and Logisim, you learn about what high-level code becomes. You will also learn where the code we use today comes from.

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