CS 449


PRE-REQ: CS 445 CO-REQ: CS 447
Course DescriptionThis course covers topics related to the interface of hardware and software. It covers device interfaces and hardware synchronization at the lowest level of the operating system, the linkage of operating system services to application software, and the fundamental mechanisms for computer communications.
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After suffering through Petrucci's 447 class, I thought I had finally said good riddance to his poor teaching style and thick accent. Then I walked into 449 the first day and SURPRISE! He's back and better than ever. His whole class was copied directly from CMU, just without the teaching ability. His labs were extremely difficult and he didn't provide much help with them. Just take Billingsly or whoever else is listed.

A lot of people love Billingsley, but he's not my favorite. It's easy to skate by in his classes and not actually learn anything. (That's kind of what I did for this class and I regret it.) We only had two projects and the tests were more recall than problem-solving.

Term Fall 2018Professor Daniel Ahn Difficulty 4/5Quality 2/5

This course goes into the systems side of computer programming, focusing on the C programming language. If you enjoy learning about dependable code that takes thought to create, then you will enjoy this course. The projects are challenging and will push your coding ability.

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