CS 1511


PRE-REQ: CS 1502
Course DescriptionUnderstanding the theory of computation provides deeper insights into various topics in computer science. This is an introductory level theory course. The aim of this course is to study the power (or lack of it) of various models of computation. Topics to be covered include automata, formal languages, computability, and computational complexity.
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Term Spring 2019Professor Kirk Pruhs Difficulty 5/5Quality 3/5

This is one of the hardest CS undergrad classes at Pitt. I took this class thinking I was going to do the BS/MS. It was so much work and very challenging. It was super theoretical and might be useful if you are planning on going into academia. I think I would have benefitted more from taking another class instead of this. But, the challenge was fun. We had 3 (really hard) homeworks due a week that you get to work on a partner with. The tests are really hard too and require a lot of studying. Pruhs does not fail you though if you give an honest effort, which is nice.

Term Spring 2019Professor Kirk Pruhs Difficulty 5/5Quality 1/5

This is 100% in my opinion the most difficult CS course at Pitt. You will be challenged with difficult homework three times a week and must stay sharp during all class times. Your recitation will just be another class, so be prepared.

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