CS 1520


Course DescriptionVarious programming paradigms will be studied using java and scripting languages. The use of java in programming web based applications, network applications, and the use of the extensive java libraries will be studied. The programming paradigm of building software by gluing components will be explored through the use of scripting languages such as perl and JavaScript. Applications include developing guis and internet programming.
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Term Spring 2020Professor Tim James Difficulty 1/5Quality 2/5

TJames is a great person, but this class was a mess. He didn't post any lectures after the semester went virtual. As someone with very limited web dev experience, the lack of lectures and opportunities to apply what we learned made the final project extremely difficult. Even when he taught in the first half of the semester, it felt like he was more doing improv rather than actual teaching. I've heard great things about TJames, but he really dropped the ball for 1520.

Term Spring 2019Professor Todd Waits Difficulty 2/5Quality 4/5

Web development is a fantastic class that teaches modern skills that every CS student should enjoy. Usually there's a great professor for this class that teaches relevant skills for web development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Term Fall 2018Professor Todd Waits Difficulty 2/5Quality 3/5

Todd Waits was a decent professor. I suggest taking this class if you are interested in web development. It is a pretty useful skill to have, and this class is not the most demanding.

Term Spring 2018Professor Todd Waits Difficulty 2/5Quality 4/5

CS 1520 is an awesome course for diving into the world of full stack web development. Pitt's programming language of choice is Java for many, many of its major courses and it is very refreshing to use different languages such as JavaScript and Python in 1520. Actually provides real web-dev experience that can be carried into a modern tech internship/job.

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