CS 1530


Course DescriptionThe purpose of this course is to provide a general survey of software engineering. Some of the topics covered include: project planning and management, design techniques, verification and validation, and software maintenance. Particular emphasis is on a group project in which a group of students implement a system from its specification.
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Term Spring 2019Professor Sohel Sarwar

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Quality rating 2.5/5

Difficulty rating 2.3/5

Difficulty 2/5Quality 2/5

This class was reaaally boring. You learn things like design patterns and basics of agile. With Sarwar, the lectures are pretty dry and there is a ton of busy work. It is not a lot of demanding work.

Term Fall 2019Professor Shi-Kuo Chang

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Quality rating 2.2/5

Difficulty rating 2.6/5

Difficulty 2/5Quality 4/5

This class introduces you to working with a team on a software project. Through your work as a team, you will have to complete a project that features complete documentation and testing. This class also introduces ideas about Agile and Scrum that are common in software engineering workplaces.

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