CS 1550


PRE-REQ: CS 447CS 449
Course DescriptionAn introduction to basic concepts of operating systems, common to most computer systems, which interfaces the machine with upper-level programs. This course will introduce processes as processing unit, process management, concurrency, communication, memory management and protection, and file systems.
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Term Spring 2020Professor Daniel Mosse Difficulty 5/5Quality 1/5

Extremely unorganized, bit too smart for his own good. You’d learn a lot more and have less stress with Khatab

Term Spring 2020Professor Stephen Lee Difficulty 3/5Quality 2/5

The project descriptions were the worst part about this class. They were extremely vague about what was to be accomplished as well as what output was expected. Many of these projects could have been straight forward if the description had been better. The exams were also challenging but manageable if you put the time in to study. Despite this Dr. Lee is a good professor and grades very fairly.

Term Spring 2020Professor Stephen Lee Difficulty 2/5Quality 3/5

Stephen Lee was a bit difficult to understand at times but I he does a pretty good job teaching. His tests and projects were difficult, but he has good slides to go back and look through and he did a good job offering support to students when they needed help.

Term Spring 2019Professor Daniel Mosse Difficulty 4/5Quality 3/5

Mosse is a decent professor. He is pretty funny, but his class is pretty disorganized. I think taking this with either Khattab or Mosse is fine. I suggest using the online ostep book (google it) for help and starting the projects early. The projects and tests make this a pretty demanding class

Term Spring 2019Professor Sherif Khattab Difficulty 4/5Quality 3/5

While this class is extremely valuable, it is definitely a challenge. The projects will push you to your coding limit in C, but the knowledge you gain on systems programming in this class is extremely valuable.

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