CS 1555


PRE-REQ: CS 1501
Course DescriptionThe objective of this course is to provide an in-depth knowledge of database systems design. Thus, the emphasis is on how to model ones own data and how to use available database management systems effectively. Towards this end, the relational and the object-relational models are discussed in great detail and object-oriented and other data models are also presented. Commercial database management systems are examined and students get practical experience through the use of such systems.
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One of the worst classes I've taken at Pitt. Dr. Kosta is a fine professor but a lot of the material he and Panos teaches is terribly outdated. The homeworks are annoying and aren't similar to the tests at all. The project they assigned was very poorly-written and was more tedious than challenging. The slides provided are similarly terrible and look like they were made 15 years ago. If you don't have SQL experience, maybe take this course, but don't have too high expectations.

This class was so boring. You learn SQL which is useful, but you are better off going to an online tutorial. Until they change up this curriculum for this class, avoid it and take Data Science instead.

This class begins with very easy content. The concepts and SQL statements are easy to grasp and write, but they can require a bit of logical thinking from time to time. The end of the course gets challenging and the projects and homework’s can become tedious. Over all, it was a fun course, but requires some effort at the end. Attendance and participation are mandatory.

I believe that CS1555 is an essential course for CS majors that will definitely be involved in almost any software development career. You learn about how to interact with a database and create SQL code that creates proper queries for information in databases.

Term Spring 2019Professor Nick Farnan

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This class with Farnan is especially amazing. I learned so much about Databases that even though I haven't used them since the class, I still remember a lot of the course. The course is by no means easy but you will learn so much and lectures are actually enjoyable. The project is difficult but Farnan gives many chances to get help and gives ample time to complete it. I highly recommend taking this course with him.

Costa is a great teacher, stuff is a tad Bit outdated but still learn valuable sql skills and atleast inform you on important practices with database management

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