CS 1699


PRE-REQ: This class is special and has channges each semester. Check the SCI website for information about it!
Course DescriptionThis is a special topics course that allows the computer science department to test run a course before deciding whether to permanently add it to our curriculum.
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Term Spring 2020Professor Adriana Kovashka

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Quality rating 3.7/5

Difficulty rating 2.8/5

Difficulty 4/5Quality 4/5

I took Deep Learning with Kovashka Spring 2020. The course was pretty messily organized but the homeworks were really helpful in understanding the lecture materials. This is the first time she taught the course so I can understand why she struggled to teach the concepts, hopefully in the future she'll improve her teaching and her slides. Also, despite the hard material she graded the midterm and finals very leniently.

Term Spring 2020Professor William Garrison

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Quality rating 3.5/5

Difficulty rating 3.8/5

Difficulty 3/5Quality 4/5

Privacy in the digital age was extremely interesting and really enabled me to think of security problems in a very structured ways. The topics were super interesting and encouraged me to go out and do some study on my own. The professor has a lot of reading on the course website that are very heavy scientific papers that can be challenging to digest, but he only required that we understand a few for the projects and exams.

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