CS-related Student Organizations

Being a part of student organizations is an integral part of one's college experience. As a CS student at Pitt you'll have a large amount of clubs to choose from. In this guide we'll be introducing the clubs directly related to the Computer Science major.

However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't join other non-CS related organizations! In fact we recommend joining both CS related and non-CS related student organizations. There are a lot of really cool people to meet at Pitt and doing so will allow you to meet a breadth of people.

Note: If you run a CS-related organization and would like to add or edit the profile of your org here, please email us at wiki@pittcsc.org!

Pitt Computer Science Club

Pitt Computer Science Club (or CSC for short) is Pitt's largest CS student organization on campus. Open to all majors, CSC hosts a wide variety of events and programs for their members to advance their careers, develop their programming skills, and join Pitt's CS community.

CSC's programs include:

  • Zero to Offer

    • Seminar series dedicated to helping students of all backgrounds accelerate their tech careers
    • Personal guidance, resume reviews, mock interviews, networking opportunities, and certification are all provided!
  • Mentorship

    • Looking for a helping hand? Pitt CSC's mentorship pairs distinguished upperclassmen with underclassmen looking for any kind of advice.
    • Past mentees have looked for advice relating to:

      • Courses and Scheduling
      • Professional Career Development
      • Adjusting to College
  • Programming Projects + Hackathons

  • Study Sessions

    • Study Sessions are bring-your-own-work events where members can come to chill with other students while studying for a test or working on a project in class.
    • TAs for various CS classes will also be present to help assist students as well.
  • Corporate Networking Events

    • Network with tech giants through CSC networking meet and greets, corporate tech talks, and company site visits!
    • Companies CSC has collaborated with includes:

      • Uber
      • Google
      • Quora

Interested? Check out Pitt CSC's website here for more information!

Women in Computer Science (WiCS)

WiCS is a student organization at Pitt dedicated to fostering a diversity friendly environment for those in the field of Computer Science and technology. Towards this endeavor, they host a wide variety of events and workshops all with diversity in mind.

WiCS programs include:

  • WiCStart

    • WiCStart is a week long freshman orientation for women in computer science!
    • It takes place before fall classes begin and is designed to introduce undeclared women to computer science in a no-pressure, no-grades environment.
    • There are no costs for attending WiCStart!
  • SheInnovates

    • SheInnovates is a hackathon dedicated to promoting diversity of women in Computer Science.
    • You can learn more about it here!
  • Events

    • WiCS hosts events on a wide variety of topics.
    • Past topics have included:

      • Hangout Sessions
      • Corporate Networking
      • Diversity Workshops
      • Programming Workshops

Interested? Check out WiCS's website here for more information!

Robotics and Automation Society

RAS was founded by a group a students with a strong desire to build robots and compete in robotics competitions around the world. Their mission is to provide hands-on experience in robotics, provide an avenue for students to recieve support from Pitt to compete in various competitions, and have fun! Competitions also come with opportunities to network with sponsors, other universities in the competition, and RAS alumni.

In the past RAS has participated in a plethora of robotics competitions and projects, including the following:

RAS encourages students to explore and have fun, it's a good place to see how software systems can interact with the real world and work with hardware.

Interested? Check out RAS's website here!

Kappa Theta Pi

Kappa Theta Pi (KTP) is Pitt's Professional Technology Fraternity. Like any other fraternity, to join students are required to go through a pledging process. After induction, KTP brothers become integrated into a nation-wide community of tech professionals and exposed to KTP-exclusive networking events.

Interested? Check out KTP's website here!

Last updated: Jul 15th 2020