If you are new to the CS classes,we suggest viewing our scheduling guide!


CMP 401CS 441CS 445CS 447CS 449

Upper Core

CS 1501CS 1502CS 1550


CS 590CS 1510CS 1511CS 1520CS 1530CS 1541CS 1555CS 1566CS 1567CS 1571CS 1621CS 1622CS 1631CS 1632CS 1637CS 1645CS 1652CS 1653CS 1656CS 1660CS 1666CS 1671CS 1674CS 1675CS 1699


These involve applying your skills. Read our guide on the capstone classes here!

CS 1900CS 1902CS 1906CS 1950CS 1980


It is possible to take masters classes as an undergrad! There is also the BS/MS, which we have a guide on you can read here. Read our guide on grad school here!

CS 2000CS 2001CS 2002CS 2003CS 2012CS 2045CS 2053CS 2055CS 2056CS 2110CS 2150CS 2210CS 2310CS 2410CS 2510CS 2520CS 2530CS 2550CS 2620CS 2710CS 2731CS 2770CS 2900CS 2905CS 2910CS 2990CS 3000


CS 3150CS 3210CS 3220CS 3410CS 3510CS 3525CS 3530CS 3550CS 3551CS 3570CS 3580CS 3650CS 3710CS 3720CS 3730CS 3750CS 3790CS 3800CS 3900


If you are curious about CS, these intro classes are good places to start!

CS 008CS 007CS 010CS 011CS 012

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